Small CO₂ lasermachine with flying optics

CO₂ lasermachine QUATTRO
CO₂ lasermachine QUATTRO

With a continuous laser output of 1000 or 2500 Watt, the QUATTRO lasermachine is the ideal machine for entering the field of laser technology. The exceptionally compact design and very low operating costs are unique and pioneering in the laser cutting machine sector.
From sample part to series product, the QUATTRO lasermachine competently tackles all production tasks and showcases the strengths of this machine concept, in particular with small workpieces.
The QUATTRO lasermachine opens up new possibilities for the user, not least of which is due to the extremely high manufacturing precision of this system.

Lasermachine QUATTRO workarea
Laserhead machine QUATTRO
Clamps of lasermachine QUATTRO

Short beam path - optimum cutting performance

The extremely short beam path and a special laser beam shape guarantee optimum cutting performance over the entire user spectrum of this compact lasermachine; it is equipped with flying optics and can process sheets up to 1250 x 1250 mm.


The AF1000i-C / AF2000i-C LU2.5 Oscillator create a high-quality beam with minimal fluctuation. Improved beam quality achieves higher-quality cutting surface (compared to the predecessor).

Conventional beam shape
Conventional beam shape
New oscillator beam shape
New oscillator beam shape

Compatible both for pipe and flat sheet

Rotary index
QUATTRO lasermachine rotary index for pipe cutting

Optionally, the machine equipped with tube cutting device:

  • Tubes can be processed easily by 4-claw chuck
  • Sheet can be processed even tube cutting device is equipped