Cutting without limitations, the FO-NT laser cutting machine

Composed of a very compact cast iron frame, the range of FO laser cutting machines offers stability over the whole cutting length through programmable deflection optics. High quality performances can be achieved on material thickness ranging from 0.5 mm to 20 mm. Supplied in 2 sizes, the FO NT laser cutting machine is equipped with AMNC numerical control enabling network operations. Provided in standard in a double toble configuration, productivity and flexibility may be increased through an ASLUL-type material storage.

Cutting condition, setting function

Up to 10 kinds of data processing condition settings can be registered for up to 90 types of materials, including piercing and marking oft. The operator, of the FO NT laser cutting machine, can readily change the processing conditions as he is monitoring the state of processing. The data on the changed processing conditions may be registered as they are.

Laser cutting machine FO-3015 NT
Laser cutting machine AMADA FO-3015 NT

Effective laser beam control

FO NT laser cutting machine - laser beam control
Laser beam control

The latest optical technology "A.O Unit" was adopted. Even if the beam distance between the osciilator and the processing point changes the quality of the focus remains constant. Stable processing and high accuracy is possible over the entire area.(optional)

From thin material to thick, and from corner to corner

  • Ultra high-speed and high accuracy processing is available.
  • Stable processing and cutting from corner to corner.
  • The high quality of laser cutting processing covers thin to thick materials.
  • Effective control and stability of the optical beam is realized by the highrigidity frame structure.
  • Any system according to your plan may be selected.

Flexible automation solutions

This cell provides shelves with 16 stage palletstorage and automatic exchange function. The pallet is set on the processing table and allows the processing of thick and heavy material.