Automatic shearing system

The automatic shearing system ATF-1332 is designed for sheet sizes up to 2500 mm x 1300, type ATF-2023 for dimensions up to 2000 x 2500 mm. Loading table, loading unit, mechanical guillotine shears, NC and de-stacking are the main components of the systems. Standard air cushion relieved the positioning of the lamination packet to the X * / Y-stop positions when loading.

Loading Unit

Loading unit of the shearing machine

The loading unit includes sheet separators, sheet metal thickness sensor, Vacuum suction system and sheet positioning. Obliquely disposed conveyor transport the sheets with magnetic support in the correct position in the gap; magnets on the side stop secure exact perpendicularity. All demands for speed and rugged mechanical shear is justice.

NC controlled back gauge

The back gauge is equipped with sensors and ensures accurate cuts; additionally fitted sheet ejection fingers ensure easy disposal of the head and rest strip. A hydraulic lift table and a side slider include as standard, the stacking unit as sensors for monitoring the stacking height.

The number of plates and sections, backgauge, cutting with or without trimming cuts etc. are controlled completly by the centrall NC control.

Automatic shearing system ATF
Automatic shearing system ATF